How did we get here?

This is just the beginning of our story.  Vader hasn’t been home with us for much more than 24 hours, and he seems to be settling in on the okay side of things.  By okay, I mean he hasn’t obliterated anything of mine (that I know of at the moment).  However, he did try his luck by attempting to chew on a couple of shoes.  Let me tell you how glad I am that I wore the new kicks to work today instead of the old ones!  Vader did get caught with his mouth on my lovely pub height kitchen table.  Well, hey, what’s Monday without a little gnawing on the table, right?

Let me give you some better back story.  Vader is a two and a half year old (we think) Doberman Pinscher.  He’s currently underweight with long, gangly legs that are slightly pigeon toed.  This gives him the cutest, most clumsy looking run this side of the Red River.  Vader is a black and tan with natural ears, a docked tail, a shiny, thick coat, and soulful brown eyes, which makes being mad with him exceptionally difficult.  We met him yesterday at a doberman rescue nearby.  After much deliberation and time with a few other dogs as well, we decided that Vader was the One.

While on the eventful ride home, complete with getting more than halfway to the closest PetsMart and saying forget it (despite it being around the corner from where we were, a place that was seemingly impossible to get to due to a rather large accident on the highway), Vader decided he wanted to be close to us.  He would attempt to put his paws over into the front seat, which I took to mean that he wanted to be in the front seat.  With two full size adults and a gearshift, a large dog would have only made things more chaotic.

Once we got him home, he was so excited and curious that he didn’t really seem to know what to do.  We’re both sure he realized what was going on, but it seemed like he wasn’t sure what to think of things yet.  He trotted around the house and into the yard.  We opened a window next to the back door so he could get used to going outside by himself.  Our next door neighbors have Chihuahuas as well as a couple of other dogs, and we had to make sure the fence was covered.  However, this didn’t prevent them from communicating.

The first night was a little rough.  I had company in town and had to wake up at 4:30 to get them over to the airport, which I’m usually fine with.  Unfortunately, however, Vader decided that he wasn’t sure how to settle in.  He laid on his bed, which he ultimately chewed a corner off of, and slept for a little while.  He woke up coughing, which freaked us out (we were thinking he was getting sick, so Shawn hopped out of bed to get him to the bathroom).  Since he wasn’t getting sick, Shawn took him outside.  Well, after this (at 2:30 am), Vader wouldn’t settle down.  He kept chewing on his bed and was keeping us awake.  I genuinely don’t think he knew what was up.

Said bed that Vader snacked on was a nice memory foam bed that I had just bought him that day.  A corner had been chewed, but nothing more.  He does seem to enjoy slumbering on it and takes up all 4′ by 6′ with his insanely long legs.  (Please see Exhibit A)

All in all, he seems like an adorably clumsy dude.  Let’s hope day/night two is better.


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