Days two and three (ish)

Subtitled “Because I’ve had a super busy week and have been derailed by nearly everything.”

I’ve been absolutely intending to write some more about the dog, myself, and maybe a little bit about my boyfriend (depending on how entertained he would be based on what I would be writing about him).  Things have been crazy busy on my end for whatever reason, and the adjustment period has gotten a little out of hand, as it were.

So!  Without further ado, days two and three (ish)!

On Monday, I had to go to work (on very little sleep, might I add), leaving Shawn to work at home all day with Vader.  All seemed to go well with a couple of minor incidents (chewing and a couple of accidents).  Apparently Vader likes my Vans and got a little bit of a tooth on them, but Shawn said he was able to get the shoes away from the dog fairly quickly (I’m currently wondering where the other half of my pair is, as I was dumb enough to leave them out, thinking “He won’t chew on my shoes.  No dog has ever chewed on my shoes!”).  Vader has also decided to christen our game room…multiple times.  Not sure why he seems to like the room as much as he does or what scent he may be picking up in the room, but he also did this on day three, which is curious.

I was very jealous that I had to be at work while Shawn was able to hang out in bed after a long, rough night of Vader settling in.  I had my revenge, however, as the next night, Vader decided to wedge himself between the two of us on the bed so we couldn’t cuddle with anyone but him (this dog is not only intelligent but also very crafty…suspiciously so).  He would alternate who was touching his back and who was touching his paws.  He did get up to go outside a couple of times, but he woke us first!  Then, last night, Vader once again wedged himself in, but he hardly gave Shawn any room.

I did feel sort of guilty about this because I had shoved Vader towards the center of the bed, and he had shoved Shawn sort of off the bed.  At one point, Shawn informed me that he had rolled over and had about fallen off of the bed.  If he hadn’t caught himself by sticking his leg out, I may have been awoken by a very large “thud” noise (maybe).

Tuesday Shawn was once again home with the dog, and I trudged my not as tired as Monday self in to work.  Again, I was jealous that he had had all the time to bond with Vader while I only had the evenings.  That’s okay, though, because Vader knows who his mommy is and loves her so very much!  (Is he smart or what?!)  (More on this in the next couple of posts when I get some more bonding/snuggle time.)

Monday after work, I bought the dog a crate.  I worked with him on it a little bit to see how he would react, and he was pretty positive toward it.  He was quite opposed to my closing the door, however, which we tried on Tuesday.  Shawn and I had a long “discussion” about crate training.  He and his family have had a lot more dogs than my family and I have had, but none of them were crate trained.  In fact, I’m pretty sure he thinks crate training is the work of Satan himself because who the heck wants to be stuck in a crate all day without a potty break?  Not cool.

I totally understand that, but I am in the camp of Vader getting his own space/room.  He needs a place to go where he won’t be disturbed and can relax.  Besides, the dog is a brainiac, so I’m pretty sure he knows it’s his space.

So Tuesday evening we decided to put a baby gate at one of our kitchen entrances and put the doors back on to the other side and tie them shut (we have an older house, and it used to have two half doors on the kitchen that were sort of like French doors, only not as nice and scenic).  We left his crate in the room with the door open, a comforter lining the bottom, and his toys inside.  We also left the cover off the dog door that had been installed on Monday.  After being nervous as all get out to leave the dog alone for only twenty minutes (Yes, twenty.), we went for a walk in the neighborhood.

What we returned to was a happy dog, who decided to go hang out in his crate shortly after we returned.  I didn’t say a word.  I just looked at Shawn.  My expression may or may not have been on the smug side because I think he told me to hush.

Yesterday (Wednesday) was Vader’s first day home alone.  This is a day that we, as his doggie parents, had been absolutely dreading.  You know, that sinking feeling you get in your stomach…that kind of dreading.  We once again left him penned up in the kitchen like we did the previous evening, fed him, and went on our not so merry ways to work.  My brain was preoccupied with all the things I had going on at work, the dog, what I was doing that evening, the dog, whether or not I was hungry, the dog, and what I was going to do for dinner since I wouldn’t be home until 10:00 that night.  Did I mention the dog?

Well, Shawn’s dad and brother were awesome enough to stop by and check in on the “little” guy around lunch, and they played with him for a little while and just spent some time with him.  The reports were super positive.  No accidents, plenty of water still in his bowl, and a happy dog.  Shawn returned that afternoon to find an exceedingly happy dog.  I returned that night to a barking dog!

Let me tell you how exciting the barking was!  My goodness, does Vader have a wonderful bark.  What an amazing sign – this means he’s settling in and is getting more confident in himself and his surroundings.

Anyway, that’s a sort of “quick” update on the last few days.  It seems a tad on the loquacious side, but I’m not picky!  For those of you following that may be remotely enjoying my ramblings about my adorably smart dog, thank you.  This is really my first experience at all of this.

The next post will be a bit more about myself (maybe).


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